Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Aero's Quest Announced.

  Hello, friends and fellow viewers. I'm happy today to make the announcement of game I have been developing with Soloweb N.V. Studios. We have been working very hard and hope to have plenty of things to show you in the future! As well as some today!

  Development on Aero's Quest started May 2014. We have been hard at work on developing this game. The games is a 2D puzzle/platformer with arcade elements and we hope it will be a lot of fun as well as challenging!

  The basic development is divided in 2 main parts: the HTML5 version and the “big” version. The HTML5 will be published sooner (will be free to play) and it will be much more simple than the other but it will keep the same game play and, as much as possible, the same features.

  The “Big” version is instead oriented to PC/Windows, Mac/OS X and consoles. The basic idea is to get the game on Steam once ready and to propose it to get the license for PlayStation and XBox.

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  Now I present the characters of our game!

 Aero: Main character. Ariellas knight in shinning robotics!

Ariella: Damsel in distress. Aero's girlfriend.

Andraus: Villain. Obsessed with Ariella.

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